Pink, Pink and more Pink!

We had a little big scare two days ago. I had some bleeding, but thankfully it all stopped.  And our baby is ok.

I went in for a follow up yesterday and baby is moving all around. And….. SHE’s a girl!

SCN_0002 - Version 2
Another beautiful profile shot.
Here's a 3D shot where she has her left elbow up by her ear and she's totally relaxing...
Here’s a 3D shot where she has her left elbow up by her ear and she’s totally relaxing…

(AND, so much for the silly urine test we did at home last week that promised to tell us the gender with 90% accuracy).


I have had some symptoms that might suggest a mild lupus flare. Most have gone away but waiting for the last to disappear. If they don’t go away in the next few days then they will treat me with more medicine for a lupus flare (prayers appreciated).

I had to stay home from work yesterday to rest which means I actually got to sit at my sewing machine for the first time in a LONG time. Made quite a bit of progress on this new baby quilt that has been in the works for several months. I will be posting more soon.


– erica

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