Preserving the Kids’ Art Without All the Clutter

I am admittedly a very Type A person. Which is why I chose to be an internist. But unfortunately this quality doesn’t stay at work, it comes home with me. It’s really difficult to be Type A with two toddlers and an unpredictable autoimmune disease (um, is life playing a trick on me?)

I can’t stand clutter. I want everything in it’s spot. I love to organize. It’s like puzzle to be solved. So when the kiddos started drawing and creating I wanted to capture it, but I didn’t want to deal with all the “stuff”. I started imagining boxes and boxes of art projects in the attic and I broke out in hives.

I’m a big fan of automating things. In general, if you don’t have to think about something there’s less chance you’re going to mess it up, forget about it, or “fall off the wagon”.

So, I found chatbooks which makes photo book series from your linked social media accounts (ie. instagram and facebook).  So, I created instagram accounts for each of my kiddos and linked them to chatbooks. And now every few months I get a bound book of their art that is automatically shipped to my house. It’s AMAZING. And I even have Jake on board, adding pictures to their art streams.

This is how it works:

  1. I created an instagram account for both Mila and Teegan. You can toggle between your own account and their accounts in the app without needing to log in again.
  2. Whenever they create art (chalk art, paint, drawings, colorings) I snap a picture of it and post it to their instagram account. This preserves the date it was created, the place it was created and then I usually include some sort of caption about the picture (especially for those ones that are a little trickier to figure out the intention of the artist 🙂 And then I usually toss the original….
  3. I created a chatbooks account (they also have an app for the phone) and linked their instagram accounts to chatbooks.
  4. For each child I started a photobook series of their instagram accounts and after every 60 photos, chatbooks automatically mails me a book for $8. For the kid’s art I have upgraded to their hardcover book which is an extra $5.
  5. And there you go, no clutter and beautiful books preserving their art!

FYI: This post is entirely of my own doing, chatbooks has not sponsored me (although if you’re reading this chatbooks, feel free to reach out 😉



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