Resting at 32 weeks

Things had been plugging along pretty uneventfully until the past few days. I was still working full time and had noticed that I was definitely more tired at the end of my long days. My biggest problem was sleep. Between congestion, tossing and turning, and insomnia– I wasn’t getting any. By Friday I was exhausted.

I had a busy morning clinic on Friday and was rushing to fit in a few extra patients that wanted to be seen in the morning. Then I ran walked quickly over to get my NST (non-stress test) where they hook my baby up to the monitor to check on her heart rate and reactiveness and also hook up a contraction monitor.

SURPRISE! I was having regular contractions every 1.5 minutes. I hadn’t really been feeling them but as soon as I saw them on the monitor, I was like, yup, I do feel them. But they didn’t hurt. My cervix had shortened quite a bit and was soft….. so off to the hospital I went.

I never got to see my afternoon patients.

2013-06-02 15.14.36

I was admitted for pre-term labor and they connected me to baby/contraction monitors and started IVF (fluids) to hopefully slow things down, which it did. Then, on Sunday morning, I started getting pretty regular contractions again, that took my breath away…. So they started some medication to quiet them down.

I’m back at home now, resting on the couch. Longingly looking around at all the things I would love to do. But I know it’s best to stay put here. Every single day she can grow inside is a blessing, and one less day she would need to spend in the NICU if she was born now.

So little baby girl: Stay with me, grow with me.

– erica

ps. My time in the hospital did allow me to finally finish the binding on a quilt I’ve been working on FOREVER for my nephew…. update to come (I’ll need to get someone to take some photos for me).

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  1. I am in my 9th month as well, 37 weeks, and living with lupus/sjogren’s overlap syndrome. It’s been a pretty uneventful pregnancy for me just have to fight through the fatigue some days! Stay rested and good luck to you and baby!

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