Retro Flowers Bandwagon

I have officially joined the retro flowers quilt bandwagon.

This beautiful quilt is all over the web in both blogland and on pinterest, and I guess I decided I needed to make one.

(photo from The Sometimes Crafter)

After a broken needle, many rounds with the seam ripper, and a few expletives, I have this little stack of pieces ready to sew together. Getting excited!

In order to make this, I had to buy the quilt pattern, two templates, and a curve foot adaptor for my machine. There is a great video on youtube that shows you how to use the curve foot.

– erica

6 thoughts on “Retro Flowers Bandwagon

    1. You’re right! I just realized it is the same as they use for drunkard’s path. How do you usually cut those out- with a template or with a die cutting machine? I have to admit the template was a pain in the butt…

  1. I love the pattern, and I’m sure it will look gorgeous with that dark pink that you have chosen. Good to see you posting about projects again. Loved the baby shoes too, so cute.

  2. I am starting to see how it all comes together. Those seams that did not appear to match are suddenly perfect. Very exciting!

  3. I was searching online for “baby size quilt” (as I am late making one for a soon to arrive baby) and your post on this quilt (a little further along) was the first to pop up. I’m so glad it did – I saw the finished quilt with baby and it turned out beautifully!

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