Salsa Nostalgia

For some reason I’ve been having salsa nostalgia lately. My husband and I met each other at a “salsa social” in Minneapolis, MN. We both danced at Social Dance Studio and I have very fond memories of that place.

In Minneapolis I took dance lessons with Jae Haile Philips and I found an OLD video of us…

When I followed my husband to Boston we continued to dance (although less intensely). I danced on an all women’s team (Leah’s Chica’s) with Salsa Y Control. Yes, I am the very tall, skinny one in the back row.

We haven’t’ gone salsa dancing since moving to Los Angeles. I think that means we are getting older.

– erica

2 thoughts on “Salsa Nostalgia

  1. Hey Erica:

    You sexy thing, you! Wow, it was fun to watch you dance. You definitely have some rad moves. Being in LA, there should be quite a few places that offer Salsa, you can’t let your talent go to waste!

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