I love my latest quilt. Which makes me happy that it’s going to another one of my favorite girlfriends, Clara (and her beautiful baby boy, Sebastian).  Clara and I met at Hennepin County Medical Center– HCMC– where we did our Internal Medicine residency. I became really close with Clara when she was chief resident and I was a senior resident.

For two years, Clara and I were also the “detox docs”. One of us went to “detox” every single day of the entire year.  Minneapolis detox was a unique experience, maybe only to be rivaled by my time in “jail”.  We would have to get buzzed in by one of the staff and pass through the entryway and elevator that frequently smelled like urine and vomit. Once inside, we would sign standing orders for each person that had arrived in the previous 24 hours, and then see people with medical issues that needed to be dealt with during their brief (but usually recurring) stay.

After being chief resident, Clara went on to do a Critical Care fellowship. She is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful girls I know. She is an amazing doctor, and I would totally trust her to take care of one of my family members- although hopefully none of my family members will be in the ICU anytime soon.


Clara and Sebastian.


Jake and I were unfortunately not able to make it to Clara’s wedding in Mexico City, but we were able to make it to her Minneapolis wedding. She was stunning!


Clara was one of my bridesmaids.  I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends!


Once and awhile we got out of the hospital….


And sometimes we even got dressed up!


And, here it is…. my equilateral triangle quilt! I made this quilt without a pattern. Normally I like to follow patterns because having to think TOO much after a full day of work is extremely painful. However, I got the vision for this quilt in my head and couldn’t get it out. I really wanted to make it asymmetrical with a large amount of white space on two sides. I also left some of the triangle spaces blank.

I used an equilateral triangle template to cut out the triangles. It was a little tedious, but sometimes I actually love tedious, repetitive stuff I can do while watching TV.

I like this quilt so much, I might even try to write up a pattern- so I can make another one! I’m thinking of pinks, yellows and oranges next time.

And this time I actually remembered to sew my label into the binding. Awesome, huh?