Things have been a bit busy in my life lately. We our movers packed up our entire apartment last week and put all of our stuff in a POD that is somewhere in middle-USA right now. After a 6 hour flight with a whiny kitty we landed in Los Angeles. We’ve spent the past week taking care of things: like getting new licenses at the DMV, finding a new apartment and buying another car.

So, after a busy week, I got on an airplane and am currently in Salt Lake City at Sewing Summit (a modern sewing and blogging and social media conference). I was really fortunate to meet up with some fellow Boston Modern Quilt Girls: Split Yarn, Stitchy McYarn Pants, and Goddess in Progress Quilts.  I have to say it makes me a little sad that I am leaving Boston. Hopefully we can stay in touch through fun events like these.

Last night I got my first glimpse of the sewing room, and it was awesome (too bad I was too exhausted to sew).

This morning I won an adorable necklace at the blogging workshop by Old Red Barn Co. This necklace is from cinnamon sticks. It’s funny that just a day ago I was showing Jake a necklace just like this on ETSY (I guess you’re off the hook, love!).

We made oilcloth pouches in another class. All I can say is: OILCLOTH IS FRUSTRATING to sew because it sticks to the sewing pedal and doesn’t feed right.

Looking forward to my workshops tomorrow!