Social Media Overload

I’m feeling a bit of a social media overload.

Since Mila joined us the need for uploading pictures has become more important so grandma and grandpa can see her day by day (since they live out of state).

But now I’ve got pictures on my phone, on Jake’s phone, on Flickr, on Instagram, on Facebook, Tumblr and in our aperture library on the computer. How do I keep all of these pictures straight so they all get where they need to? For someone who is very organized, it’s becoming a nightmare…

I like Instagram because the filters make almost everything look cool. I like Flickr because the photos are full size so grandma can download them directly. Facebook is just Facebook (and the easiest of all because everything will feed to Facebook). Is tumblr just one too many?

How do the rest of you deal with all of your photos? Should I just give some of these up? I would love to know how the rest of you do this…