Somerville Primary Care

At the beginning of 2010 I moved to Boston, MA to be with my husband (who was my boyfriend at that time). Before I moved to Massachussets I was working as a “hospitalist” in Minnesota. A “hospitalist” is a doctor that only works in the hospital, taking care of patients that are admitted. It’s exciting (at times) and very stressful. And I didn’t care so much for all the overnight shifts.

I decided to become a primary care physician when I moved to Boston. I had a suspicion that I would love working in clinic and getting to know patients over time. In residency, clinic time is limited as most of your training is in the hospital so it’s difficult to imagine what it would be like working in clinic full-time. And I was right. I LOVE IT.

I worked for Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA). I interviewed at a few locations and chose Somerville Primary Care. It must have been a beautiful fall day when I chose that clinic for me to not notice that the entire clinic was underground without windows (which became very evident when I started working in the winter).

SPC is an exciting place to work because it has a diverse patient population: Hatiain-Creole, Brazillian Portuguese, and Spanish speaking patients. Cuide a los pacientes hispanohablantes.

There are so many people that touched my life at SPC: Rosie (the most wonderful Medical Assistant in the world), , Carolyn Jordan cNP, Lynne Crawford cNP, Diedre Alesso cNP, Arshiya Seth MD, Carole Demosthene MD and all the residents of SPC. Really, I could just list everyone at the clinic. I will cherish my time at SPC forever. I learned so much about what it means to be a primary care physician.

As I start my new job at Kaiser Permanente in Hollywood, I hope I can carry with me all the wonderful tidbits I learned in Boston.


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