Three Years in the Making

In 2011 I went to the first Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City, UT. At that time everyone was making their own bags. I got excited and bought everything to make my bag, but unfortunately, never had the time to finish it. It has been sitting in a WIP pile for…. about 3 years (you can see my initial post here).  I finished it about a month ago and thought it was finally time to show a picture.

Duffle Bag (1)

It’s a very large bag but without anything stuffed inside it essentially has no shape. I don’t know that it necessarily needs more shape, but the picture definitely looks better with some pillows inside!

I used my serger on this project so there are not any exposed/unfinished seams which I love. It has a zippered side pocket which I also really love. I think this bag will come in really handy for overnight trips and weekend getaways (not sure how many of those are actually going to happen in the near future though).

And just for fun, here’s a 35 week picture. I’m hoping to incubate for 2 more weeks, fingers crossed!

Duffle Bag (2)

– Erica

3 thoughts on “Three Years in the Making

  1. that looks a lot like the pattern that I made for my hospital bag! =) it’s gorgeous – and luckily that boy has stayed in there long enough for you to finish the bag LOL – you look great. SO happy to know that you’re still keeping him safe and cosy!

  2. Beautiful bag! looks very soft and roomy.You look beautiful! Good luck to you and your family! I bet Mila must be excited too.Sending hugs and wishing you all a “Happy Thanksgiving”

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