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Mila’s room also doubles as my sewing room and our guest room (yes, we live in Los Angeles and only have a two bedroom apartment). Mila is actually sleeping in a bassinet in our room so right now her room is actually for changing her diapers and relaxing on the pull out couch.

Her room is pink and grey and before she was born I decided I needed to make pink throw pillows to match her chevron rug. The pink in her rug is very hard to match (it’s kind of a blush/rose). The closest color on my Kona card was blush pink.

When I lived in Boston, I made a throw pillow with an invisible zipper, so I kind if remembered how to make it. I ended up using this tutorial by Schlosser Designs to refresh my memory and help with the details. And, whoop, it turned out pretty great!

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I cut my pieces the same size as the pillow forms (18 inches) because I wanted the pillows to have a tighter fit.

The cotton was too thin to make a good pillow cover so I spray basted the kona cotton to an old curtain panel I had. Then I sewed the squares together with parallel lines, one inch apart, using one of the fancy stitches on my machine. I have to say that I really like how it turned out. (I marked the parallel lines with a hera marker– Have I talked about how great it is?- You need to get one!).


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