Too Much Deliberation.

I’m finishing up another baby quilt (post coming soon) and starting yet another baby quilt. (I already mentioned that all of my friends are having babies right?) Well, I bought some fabric awhile ago from the urban hullaboo collection and when I got it, I didn’t love it. It just doesn’t seem to look that great together. I had already bought a pattern to use the fabrics, but the more I stared at it, the less I liked that as well (see below):

So, I went hunting again and found a simpler design that I liked. I could have probably figured out how to do this myself without downloading a pattern, but I decided to be lazy.

I am changing the dimensions of the pattern, so it will be baby size and will use the 6 prints above with white as the background. I have really been wanting to try to finish a quilt with “pebbling” but I’m not sure this quilt will look good that way. Shoot, will have to find another design to do with “pebbling”.

So, finally, off to cut up the material!


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