Cross-Stitch Hem

I learned this technique for hemming pants at Laura’s Sewing School. I think it’s a beautiful way to hem.

My pants had been serged along the bottom so I will use the serged edge as a landmark for the directions.

Start by basting your hem into place (It’s better than using pins because then you don’t get the thread stuck on the pins).

1. Pick your spot to start hemming, you will be traveling to the right (normally you travel to the left if you’re right handed). Put the needle through the material hiding the knot inside the hem. In this picture it is right below the serged edge.


2. Now, move slightly to the right, and above the serged edge. You will take a small stitch (just a few threads wide) from right to left (even though you’re moving to the right). This allows the stitch to “lock”. This small stitch will show through on your pants so this is the one to pay close attention to.


3. Ok, now move to the right again, taking a small stitch (from right to left) below the serged edge. This stitch should only go through the top layer of fabric, not both.


4. Keep going all the way around the bottom, and when you’re finished you’ll get a beautiful “cross-stitch” hem!


And you’re finished! Beautiful!

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