That’s definitely not what I was hoping my next blog post title would be. This was supposed to be the year of my health, and so far it hasn’t exactly turned out that way. It’s like lupus needs to repeatedly knock you on the head and remind you that it’s unpredictable. And the moment you try to control and predict it, you’re bound to run into trouble.

Stress is clearly a trigger for my disease activity, and work is definitely not lacking in stress. That’s really the only specific thing I can seem to point to as a culprit (there’s also my two little humans, ages 2 and 3 that I care for). But I know lupus doesn’t have to follow rules, so, who knows why it’s really bothering me now.

More of the usual— fatigue, joint pains (mostly just right knee and ankle), malar rash, nose ulcers, some low grade fevers and a bit of weight loss.

I’m taking Plaquenil, Imuran, just finished another prednisone taper, and NAC. My complement levels are staying consistently low (you don’t want them low). I’m considering switching to CellCept at the advice of my rheumatologist….

I bought a new sewing machine a few weeks ago, hoping to spend some time de-stressing and creating, but unfortunately I’ve been too wiped to actually sew. But soon! And I still have a few projects to post about that I finished a month or two ago.


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