Urban Gardening with Earthboxes.

It’s gardening time! And they’re growing so fast this year I can literally watch them grow!

Last spring we planted a “container garden” with 13 different pots. We got 4 zucchini and maybe 10 roma tomatoes. The rabbits got our beans. We were pretty proud of our garden until we saw Jake’s sister’s garden of EARTHBOXES. Her jalapeno plants were as tall as I am (and that’s pretty tall). Earthboxes are special because they water plants from the bottom up, so the nutrients don’t get washed away. The plants also don’t get stunted growth from drying out because they are always hydrated.

So, we made a nice large financial investment and someday hope we will break even (we have a lot of pots from last year, if anyone needs pots). This year, we decided to skip the beans, since the rabbits ate them, and grow: zucchini, squash, roma tomatoes, jellybean tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, green and red peppers and lettuce.

We started our seeds (too early) with the jiffy peat pots and a heating mat.

After outgrowing the jiffy pots they graduated to burpee pots under the grow light in our upstairs bathroom. The burpee pots are stinky, so we kept the door closed. There is a skylight in this bathroom and the grow light shone out the window (our neighbors might be wondering what we were up to).

On a warm weekend in April we thought we could move our plants outside so we transferred the squash, zucchini and cucumbers to their earthboxes. But then it got TOO COLD, so we had to build a giant PCV structure with shop lights in our hallway so they could come back inside…

This week it finally got warm in Boston and now we have 8 HAPPY earthboxes lining our driveway. They are growing super fast. We just ordered some calcium nitrate which they recommend putting in the water to prevent bloom end rot (BER).

Our cucumbers.

Our zucchini.

Our squash.

– erica

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