Yucky Dill Pickles.

Our earthbox is yielding astronomimical amounts of cucumbers. A slight problem for me because I am allergic to fresh fruits and vegetables. Jake has been putting them on salads, but it’s not possible to eat several in a day. So, I thought it would be brilliant to make pickles. I love dill pickles. Always have. My favorites are Claussen’s refrigerated pickles.

Pickles are a big deal in Minnesota. They always have pickles at the State Fair. This may be since Gedney pickles¬†originated out of Minneapolis (you know you’re singing the song in your head).

Anyways, back to canning. So I decided I was going to make pickles. I went to the local hardware store and bought canning jars, canning salt and a basket to lower the jars in the pot. I wheeled them all home in my tiny grocery cart. That night my friend Carole came over to help me make pickles, but when she got here we realized my pot wasn’t big enough. So back to the hardware store we went. But they closed 10 minutes before we got there, ARGH! So i called my downstairs neighbor to see if they had a pot we could borrow: they were out of town. We called Target, Home Depot, Market Basket…. nobody had canning pots. When we pulled into our driveway, our downstairs neighbors’ housekeeper came running out with a large pot- our neighbors had called him. Saved!

Um. Well. Canning was hard. There were a lot of steps. And we were missing a few ingredients. But in the end we made our pickles. I waited 2 weeks to open the jars to try them, and yuk! They were gross! My friend Taz was over when I opened them. After one bite I said “I can’t eat the rest of this” and she says “Ok, me neither, but I was prepared to eat the whole thing if you were going to”. I’m hoping that canning salsa will be better.


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